An innovative projects that will bring 3D Printing in the Schools!

On 1st October 2017 the project  “Secondary Education for and through the 3D Printing” (or simply 3D4KIDS) was launched. Its objectives are concentrated on the promotion using 3D printers in secondary schools. The project is financed by European Commission within Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnership for innovation and the Exchange of good practices).

The main objectives of the project are:

– to feed an industry that is in high growth as is the 3DP of their “target groups”: students

– to improve educational transversal skills of the students through the use of 3DP

– to heightened concentration of pupils with Attention Deficit Disorder

– to improve 3DP skills of secondary schools teachers without technologic background as the best way to transfer this innovative knowledge to 21st century students

– to work in a cross curricular way among Departments in schools so that this technology is not confined to a single subject area

– to use ICT and 3DP to develop innovative teaching and learning practices

– to know first-hand the educational systems in every country participating in the project

The project will be promoted by organization coming from 4 different European countries. The consortium is indeed composed by schools, small and medium enterprises, association and research centers coming from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Slovenia.

To achieve these goals, the consortium has defined the following intellectual outputs:

-Guide for teachers about how to develop designs of didactic exercises suitable to be 3D printed published under the open Creative Commons Licence.

– Open Catalogue of 3DP format exercises for improving skills of students on the different subjects of schools

– Innovative and intuitive software tool to contain the 3DP kits of exercises including a guide for 3DP focused on school education

– Networking software tool for connecting schools and 3D printing industry service providers that will make the school don’t depend on own 3D printers.

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