In Cartagena (Spain) for the 5th 3D4KIDS transnational meeting

On 16th and 17th October the Consortium partners of 3D4KIDS project met in Cartagena (Spain), for the 5th Transnational meeting of 3D4KIDS – “Secondary Education for and Through 3D Printing” project. This time, they have been hosted by Pristálica, the software developer partner.

3D4KIDS aims to promote the use of 3D printing in secondary school and it is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 (Strategic partnerships for innovation and exchange of good practices). 

The consortium of the project’s partners is composed by: Furness Academy (United Kingdom), IES José Luis Castillo-Puche (Spain), Srednja šola za oblikovanje Maribor (Slovenia), CEIPES (Italy), CETEM (Spain), STYRIAN TECHNOLOGY PARK (Slovenia) and Pristálica (Spain).

During the meeting the partners discussed about the last activities, and the ones to carry out before the end of the project (30 March 2020).

In particular, the following topics have been discussed:

  • The online and multilingual platform that will contain the 30 3D printing exercises developed so far and its own App version.
  • The design of the networking database which will contain the data of schools and teachers in accordance with the GDPR document;
  • The methodology for the development of the pilot phase;
  • The various pilot phases that each school will conduct in their own country.
  • Project dissemination and management activities;
  • The ETwinning Platform.

The partners will meet again on 3rd and 4th March in Barrow hosted by the project coordinators for the last meeting.

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